The beer was excellent and we certainly got our money’s worth. Adam had us try several that I normally would have skipped over and I ended up finding a new appreciation for several styles of beer I hand’t tried in awhile
— J.J. J: San Francisco, CA - TripAdvisor
…as an out-of-towner I was looking forward to walking through the city to sightsee and learn…even the locals would enjoy the fun facts Adam delivers.
— Lauren G: Cardiff, CA – Yelp

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The whole tour had a friendly, laid back feel to it.
— Trevor M: Burbank, CA - Yelp
Adam, our tour guide, knows his stuff. He did the perfect job of balancing beer knowledge with fun and drinking.
— Whitney I: San Francisco, CA - TripAdvisor
… a great afternoon drinking really good beer and experiencing the local flavor.
— Clinton L: Fargo, ND – TripAdvisor
Adam did a great job introducing us to some fantastic establishments which served great beer.
— Dan M: San Diego, CA – TripAdvisor