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Our Tour Philosophy

Though we call them “tours,” we think of each brewery visit as a celebration, a gathering of new friends toasting to the fresh hoppy flavors of San Francisco. We are well aware of your ability to walk from one watering hole to the next without us, so our focus is on bringing your experiences to life. At each of our stops we meet a highly knowledgeable and passionate host who will explain their business’s unique contribution to the craft brew scene as we enjoy a generous variety of their best beers. One of our stops will always include a tour of a craft brewing facility and explanation of the brewing process.

As we walk from location to location, your guide will provide you with fascinating information about the craft beer scene and the slice of San Francisco right before your eyes. Each tour helps you understand the City’s unique character and history, one neighborhood at a time.

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Our Story

Adam MarcaAlthough tourism is big business in San Francisco, the family of independent tour operators is small and congenial. SF on Tap reflects that collective spirt that helps tourists from around the world explore San Francisco.

Before Adam Marca founded SF on Tap in 2015, he cut his teeth calling bingo on cruise ships, leading camping road trips around the United States and backpacking throughout Latin America. After landing in San Francisco, Adam began working for Green Dream Tours, the leading small-group wine tour company. With a passion for artisan beer, people and San Francisco, Adam used his tourism experiences to conceive of SF on Tap and grow his small-group craft beer walking tour into a popular niche experience. In 2020, Adam sold SF on Tap to Elie Sasson, owner of Green Dream Tours and Adam’s former boss.

Elie has been an independent tour operator in San Francisco since 2008 when he started Green Dream Tours. San Francisco’s #1 wine tour company has taken more than 60,000 guests to Napa and Sonoma. Elie also launched Green Dream Cannabis Tours in 2020.

The SF on Tap craft beer walking tours complement Elie’s commitment to run carbon neutral tours. Green Dream Tours and Green Dream Cannabis Tours offset emissions by buying carbon offsets.

Elie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies from University of Vermont, where Vermont Pub & Brewery helped whet his appetite for craft beer in the 1980s. The state’s original craft brewpub was opened by legendary brewer and author Greg Noonan. When he came to San Francisco in the ’90s, Elie’s beverage of choice was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, perfected three hours north in Chico.

When he’s not guiding tours, Elie loves to travel. His favorite place on earth, besides the San Francisco Bay Area, is Nepal.

Our City’s Beer History

San Francisco is a beer town. Besides amazing craft beer brewed in colorful neighborhoods, San Francisco has beer history on its side. The first commercial brewery opened here in 1847, and the craft beer trend was jumpstarted by Anchor Brewing in the 1960s. With more than 100 breweries and brewpubs, San Francisco is the perfect place to enjoy a craft beer walking tour.

SF on Tap takes full advantage of San Francisco’s craft beer scene to rank among the best beer experiences in the world. Our Alcatraz and Walking Craft Beer Combo Tour has been rated No. 6 in the world according to Tripadvisor’s 2020 Travelers’ Choice award based on reviews, ratings and saves from travelers around the world.

On Your Craft Beer Tour

Learn with SF on Tap


Your knowledgeable SF on Tap guide will explain the history of brewing in San Francisco, give you a mini-tour of a craft brewing facility, and bring to life the neighborhood you walk through.

Drink with SF on Tap


Enjoy numerous sizable samples of stellar craft beer from local microbreweries and tap rooms. Industry insiders will give you the story behind the places and the brews.

Celebrate with SF on Tap


It’s as much a celebration as it is a tour! Your fun-loving leader will make sure the group bonds early. The information sessions will shorten as glasses empty, laughter increases and friendships form.

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