Enjoy beautiful waterfront views, fascinating stories of the past, and delicious Bay Area craft beer in San Francisco's old Italian neighborhoods.

Fisherman's Wharf & North Beach: 4 Hours - $89*

MON-FRI, 2pm


Beer is included at 3 locations on this 4 hour walking tour which showcases two of San Francisco's most famous and scenic neighborhoods and much of the area’s best beer!  You and a crew of no more than 12 drinking buddies will join a friendly and knowledgeable local craft beer enthusiast who will bring the beer scene and the area to life with historic accounts and fascinating local stories, while helping you take advantage of great photo opportunities.

The tour starts off at SF Brew Co where you will tour their brewery and taste some super fresh beer before the neighborhood tour begins. The walking is broken up by stops at two of SF’s best craft beer bars. While enjoying the local product, the conversation will switch to beer and your guide will share insight into the San Francisco beer scene, brewing techniques, beer styles and more.

Learn. Drink. Celebrate!



  • Beer at a brewery and two of SF's best beer bars, plus light snacks

  • Beer Enthusiast/Guide who will bring Fisherman's Wharf, North Beach, and the craft beer scene to life

  • Tour of a brewing facility

  • Fascinating stories and history about both neighborhoods and SF beer

  • A celebratory atmosphere which encourages great times and fast friends

  • Advice from your guide about where to eat and drink after the tour and top breweries to visit while in San Francisco

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• Tour destinations are chosen by your tour guide based on availability and the quality of the experience they offer

• Everyone must be 21 years of age or older to participate

• We walk about 2 mi (3.5 km) on this tour

• Read a detailed account of this tour from a client/blogger here.