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Throughout December and January, we’ve found ourselves in a holding pattern due to San Francisco restrictions in place to reduce the spread of Covid. To fill the void, we have been enjoying vicarious experiences and storytelling thanks to social media posts, photos and creative insights by craft beer influencers.

Here are a few craft beer influencers we are following. These enthusiasts frequently provide inside knowledge on emerging trends, with several focused on the San Francisco Bay Area’s diverse craft beer scenes.

Craft Beer & Brewing

Facebook: @craftbeerandbrewing
Twitter: @craftbeerbrew
Instagram: @craftbeerbrew

Craft Beer and Brewing uses social media to entertain, educate and influence. The Colorado-based magazine covers a wide range of topics, including trademark law for brewers, podcasts on up-and-coming brewers, and change-makers such as Black brewers.

Is Beer a Carb?

Instagram: @isbeeracarb

San Diego-based Megan Stone is making a name for herself in craft beer circles thanks to her popular Instagram page, which boasts 34k followers. Besides a love for craft beer, she’s an advocate for women and LGBTQ brewers. She also works as media coordinator for Societe Bewing Company and was recently named Woman/Person of the Year by the Craft Beer Marketing Awards.

Beer by BART

Twitter: @beerbybart

If you’re visiting the San Francisco Bay Area and love beer, you have to check out the Beer by BART blog. Steve Shapiro and Gail Ann Williams identify and describe beer haunts within walking distance of BART stations and other public transit. Amid today’s volatile environment for small businesses, especially craft breweries, Beer by BART is a great resource to follow for openings and closings.

beer by bart

Brookston Beer Bulletin

Twitter: @Brookston

Sonoma Country resident Jay Brooks writes craft beer columns for a variety of San Francisco Bay Area newspapers besides running his own blog, Brookston Beer Bulletin. His “Historic Beer Birthdays” series in his blog and on Twitter are definitely worth paying attention to. Not only does he highlight famous brewers of the past, but also includes current craft beer entrepreneurs and even poets!

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