Discover San Francisco Breweries with SF on Tap

Our tours feature a unique combination of handcrafted local beers, insider stories and group camaraderie. 


Though we call them “tours,” we think of each brewery visit as a celebration, a gathering of new friends toasting to the fresh hoppy flavors of San Francisco. We are well aware of your ability to walk from one watering hole to the next without us, so our focus is on bringing your experiences to life. At each of our stops we meet a highly knowledgeable and passionate host who will explain their business’s unique contribution to the craft brew scene as we enjoy a generous variety of their best beers. One of our stops will always include a tour of a craft brewing facility and explanation of the brewing process.

As we walk from location to location, your guide will provide you with fascinating information about the craft beer scene and the slice of San Francisco right before your eyes. Each tour helps you understand the City's unique character and history, one neighborhood at a time.

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OUR story

SF on Tap was not conceived overnight, it is not the product of some kind of epiphany. It formed one beer at a time as its founder, Adam Marca, went about life’s serious business: calling bingo on cruise ships, leading camping tour road trips around the USA, backpacking around Latin America, and hosting groups of travelers to wine country.

Over the course of his 11-year career in travel and tourism, each beer he consumed caused his love of craft beer to consume him just a little bit more, and a little bit more, and just a wee bit more until…his little tour guide brain slowly got to thinking. 

Flashes of ideas and concepts came and went, but then, the frequency and thoroughness of these flashes began to increase! No one is really sure exactly when, but at some point the flashes became a steady stream of light and Adam has been walking toward it ever since…and that light is getting brighter! This luminous beacon, my friends, is called SF on Tap.

who is adam, really?


Adam has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and SF on Tap is the culmination of his passion for life, artisan beer, people and San Francisco. He built SF on Tap on a base of 11 years of tourism industry experience, as an assistant cruise director on cruise ships, leading one- to three-week camping road trips around the USA, and taking people from San Francisco to Napa and Sonoma on wine country tours.

A California native, Adam got his business degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. When he isn't getting paid to travel he’s usually traveling, or that used to be the case. These days he spends most of his time in craft beer bars, hiking, camping, visiting breweries and wineries, and playing ultimate Frisbee. He loves his family, friends and girlfriend dearly.

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Adam, our tour guide, knows his stuff. He did the perfect job of balancing beer knowledge with fun and drinking.
— Whitney I: San Francisco, CA – TripAdvisor